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Floor deck roll metal forming floor tile making machine is the special equipment for continuous rolling and cold-forming on steel sheet. It adopts coiling steel sheet as the raw material, decoiling, continuous rolling and cold-forming, automatically cut to the size and specification which is required, and output the finished panels. The equipment adopts PLC control, AC frequency and adjusting the speed technology,

and it realizes the continuous automatically production, therefore, it is really a new type of energy-saving and high-effective producing equipment for steel structure.

The complete metal deck roll forming machine line includes decoiler, main machine, computer controlling system and run out table. Metal decks with various thicknesses are new building materials. The metal decks produced by our metal deck roll forming line machinery are widely used as floor or roof of building. They are used as the floors or roofs of building because of low cost, light weight but high strength, short building period, and re-cycle use. Common roll forming deck profiles cover roof deck, floor deck, bridge deck, specialty deck, etc.

1. The structure is simple and the appearance of the machine is beautiful because we adopt the shape-steel structure and process as a whole after welding. It has the ability of strong loading and stable operation when running the machine.
2. All the components of machine are from brand-famous enterprise so that they ensure the machine normal function very effectively.
3. We adopt the automatic length-fixed forming and cutting to guarantee the length to be precise and the finished product clear without deforming.
4. It is very easy to install the equipment and suitable for producing in the factory.
5. The machine has features of low noise and high efficiency.low price Floor Deck Mechanical Equipment

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